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weather forecast for 17/08/2017 - Pomeriggio

Temperatura max: 23°
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weather forecast for 18/08/2017 - Mattino

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weather forecast for 18/08/2017 - Pomeriggio

Temperatura max: 25°
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weather forecast for 19/08/2017 - Mattino

Temperatura min: 10°
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weather forecast for 19/08/2017 - Pomeriggio

Temperatura max: 17°
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weather forecast for 20/08/2017 - Giornata

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Temperatura max: 19°
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weather forecast for 21/08/2017 - Giornata

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Temperatura max: 19°
Probabilità prec.: molto bassa
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Tana degli Gnomi - Kindergarten

Kids house "LA TANA DEGLI GNOMI" in Bellamonte

In Bellamonte, near the bottom ski station in Castelir-Bellamonte, there is Tana degli Gnomi, that means Gnomes' Den: a building that hosts children with recreational workshops, games and short stories to give some magic to this already wonderful place. Outside there's also a playground...a place where we can hide, play and use our fantasy. 

Everyday, the Gnomes' Den offers different and amusing activities for all our little Would-be Gnomes: recreational workshops, games, ateliers, Forest Pedagogy workshops, Lego-playing workshops, short stories about forests and novels about the Gnomes living in our mountain and other activities planned according to the seasonal events and festivities.

Its decisiveposition, next to the lift bottom station in Bellamonte, makes it really easy to reach Tana degli Gnomi wthout taking the lifts.



 1 hour Euro 10,00
 half day (3h) Euro 28,00
 full day
  + lunch 
Euro 40,00
+ Euro 6,00 
 5 full days
  + 5 lunches 
Euro 180,00
+ Euro 30,00 

* 30% discount for kids younger than 2 accompained by an adult.
* 20% discount for the second son/daugther.


Tana degli Gnomi offers a detailed week program with different activities every day.
Don't miss the dates with LEGO ACADEMY!!! 

Euro 8,00 to each participant accompained by an adult
Euro 10,00  to each participant with mini club assistance

* usually a workshop takes 1 hour



Tana degli Gnomi also organizes barbecues in high altitude every saturday evening at Baita La Morea, with transportation by snowmobile and small hiking tour before dinner at the mountain hut. Activities for families with children aged 10 years and over. Reservation it is needed. INFOS AND PROGRAM>> 



FROM 03/12/16 TO 02/04/17
everyday 9.30 am to 4 pm

For more information:

+39 346 3639538

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