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Have fun with mother eagle’s invention!

What has mother eagle invented to teach her eaglet how to fly over peaks, water streams, forests of spruces and grazing cows? She has built a really smart slope, putting together small pieces of wood! Thanks to her contraption, the eaglet learns to fly even before coming out from his egg! How? Easy to explain: he gets to his nest after an exciting 50-meter flight.

This way the eaglet, by travelling comfortably in his shell, begins his exploration in the dolomitic environment.
The original installation lets the children discover the shapes and sounds of the Dolomites by running after the eagle's egg down a bizarre wood slope in the meadow, set among odd cow's bells and unexpected obstacles.

The new interactive games called EGG ON THE SLOPE, for the first time in Italy, will amuse your children in the water park "Tour of Wings"


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Watch the world… from a high nest!

One gondola of Bellamonte 3.0 hides a surprise for you – Nidoplano, with its transparent bottom, makes you live the emotion of a little bird looking from its nest for its first time.

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