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Didactic Trails

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Nature Trail: strolling by Valbona to Colvere

Duration: 0.50 hour - Difficulty: easy - Length: 2500 m

Few steps away from the Chalet Valbona starts a convenient botanical route "Sentiero Natura", with its length of 2.5 km, through woods and clearings and, reaches Larezila hut and ends in location Colvere. Interesting educational panels placed along the route illustrate the typical vegetation of the area with news and curiosity, promote the knowledge of the flora and fauna and stimulate the visitor to appreciate the wonderful natural environment that surrounds him. The children will receive a free exploration kit to live with joy and enthusiasm this walk to discover nature.

Starting point at VALBONA (1830 m): reachable with the cable car from MOENA - RONCHI (1 route).

Animal Trail

Duration: 1.15 hour - Difficulty: easy - Length: 3000 m

From the top station of the cable car Ronchi – Le Cune starts this nice educational path "Sentiero deegli Animali", that bring you to peek into the shelters of the animals that inhabit our forests learning about their lifestyle. The den becomes the guiding thread in a naturalistic path that tells stories and curiosities about the animals of our area.

Starting point at LE CUNE (2200 m): reachable with the cable car (1 and 2 routes) from MOENA-RONCHI.



Nature Trail from VALBONA (1750 m) to COLVERE (1880 m)
Animal Trail from LE CUNE (2200 m) to VALBONA (1750 m)

Opening time:
from 16th June to 15th September 2019
everyday from 8.30 am to 6 pm

More information:
tel. +39 0462 573207


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