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weather forecast for 24/07/2017 - Pomeriggio

Temperatura max: 20°
Probabilità prec.: alta

weather forecast for 25/07/2017 - Mattino

Temperatura min:
Probabilità prec.: molto bassa

weather forecast for 25/07/2017 - Pomeriggio

Temperatura max: 18°
Probabilità prec.: media

weather forecast for 26/07/2017 - Mattino

Temperatura min:
Probabilità prec.: bassa

weather forecast for 26/07/2017 - Pomeriggio

Temperatura max: 19°
Probabilità prec.: molto bassa

weather forecast for 27/07/2017 - Giornata

Temperatura min:
Temperatura max: 22°
Probabilità prec.: molto bassa

weather forecast for 28/07/2017 - Giornata

Temperatura min: 11°
Temperatura max: 25°
Probabilità prec.: molto bassa
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Lusialand – Kindergarten

Lusialand bambini


Baby Park at Valbona - Moena

Taking the lifts from Moena, in a few minutes you reach Chalet Valbona, a nice bar and restaurant that overlooks a lively nursery slope where beginners face their first steps on skis. A large fenced area is dedicated to the playground Lusialand: a corner where children can play on the snow and have fun with the entertainers of our staff. 


 daily entrance Euro 7,00
 half day (after 12.30) Euro 4,00
 5 daily entrace + 1 free Euro 21,00 


With the same ticket, you can enjoy the indoor playroom to spend the coldest days in a happy and welcoming environment. The playroom is on the first floor of the Chalet and provides also a dining room, a rest area, a child-friendly toilet with a baby changing table for the little ones. Everything is specifically designed for children in order to make their stay magical and full of fun! 


The park Lusialand also provides a mini club where you can leave your kids in safe hands in a secure and controlled environment, in order to enjoy a good skiing in complete freedom. The service is guaranteed for children older than 3 years. 


For the children who wish to eat in our structure, there is the opportunity to have lunch together with friends and entertainers. Every day our restaurant offers a simple and tasty menu created for the needs of children. Lunch must be booked before 10.30 a.m. of the same day. 


 1 hour Euro 10,00
 half day  Euro 25,00
 full day (lunch included)  Euro 40,00
 5 full days (lunch included)  Euro 170,00


More info:
+39 0462 573207

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