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Toboggan "Fraina"    -Video-

The fun for the whole family!

Also this winter, you can go down the slide on the gentle slopes of Bellamonte, on a path of 2100 m in length, completely immersed in the snowy woods! Just take the first cablecar "Castelir-The Fassane" and go up in the locality "Fassane", at an altitude of 1785 meters, and we'll give you the thrill of slipping on the soft snow, lulled by the sounds of the forest and caressed by the cool winter breeze.

After the descent, you will end up as if by magic to the starting point "Castelir" ready to start over again! It will be a fun experience not only for children but also for adults...a further offer to fully experience the snowy mountain.

It's possible to rent sleds at the ski rental to the chair lift.

Technical data:

Length 2.100 ml
Starting altitude 1.785 meters
Arrival altitude 1.550 meters
Difference in altitude 235 m

Rent sledge:

€ 11,00 daily
€ 8,00 half day
€ 5,00 1h

Day ticket lift:

€ 23,00 adults
€ 16,00 junior (born after 30.11.2002)
Children born after 30.11.2010 will obtain a free daily ticket on purchase of a skipass by an adult


1 ride € 6,00
4 rides € 19,00
8 rides € 34,00

*The ride cards can be used by more people until exhaustion = for several days

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