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weather forecast for 24/07/2017 - Pomeriggio

Temperatura max: 20°
Probabilità prec.: alta

weather forecast for 25/07/2017 - Mattino

Temperatura min:
Probabilità prec.: molto bassa

weather forecast for 25/07/2017 - Pomeriggio

Temperatura max: 18°
Probabilità prec.: media

weather forecast for 26/07/2017 - Mattino

Temperatura min:
Probabilità prec.: bassa

weather forecast for 26/07/2017 - Pomeriggio

Temperatura max: 19°
Probabilità prec.: molto bassa

weather forecast for 27/07/2017 - Giornata

Temperatura min:
Temperatura max: 22°
Probabilità prec.: molto bassa

weather forecast for 28/07/2017 - Giornata

Temperatura min: 11°
Temperatura max: 25°
Probabilità prec.: molto bassa
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Races and training track

race and training

3 ... 2 ... 1 ... GO !!! Test yourself on the new track Alpha Fischer!

The ski area Alpe Lusia is glad to present the new track "Alpha Fischer", which provides an opportunity for Ski Club, associations and sports teams to perform their races and workouts on a track of about 700 m in length. A fast-paced trail of medium difficulty, a room reserved for the awards ceremony and an organizational office ... do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

For those who need it, we offer a sound system to play the awards ceremony outside on our terrace or, in the event of bad weather, in the spacious heated room, with adjoining office. Upon request we can provide the timekeeper. 

For reservations call +39 0462 573 207.


A Dolo...mythical ski slope!

The same goes for the slope "Dolomitica" along the slope of Bellamonte. This track with its 25 ports of 700 m in length, can host matches and trainings of Ski Club and associations. In addition to this service, every day each skier can engage in a parallel slalom with free selftime...just to make a race between friends, challenge your relatives and add a bit of adrenaline to the day on the snow!

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