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weather forecast for 24/07/2017 - Pomeriggio

Temperatura max: 20°
Probabilità prec.: alta

weather forecast for 25/07/2017 - Mattino

Temperatura min:
Probabilità prec.: molto bassa

weather forecast for 25/07/2017 - Pomeriggio

Temperatura max: 18°
Probabilità prec.: media

weather forecast for 26/07/2017 - Mattino

Temperatura min:
Probabilità prec.: bassa

weather forecast for 26/07/2017 - Pomeriggio

Temperatura max: 19°
Probabilità prec.: molto bassa

weather forecast for 27/07/2017 - Giornata

Temperatura min:
Temperatura max: 22°
Probabilità prec.: molto bassa

weather forecast for 28/07/2017 - Giornata

Temperatura min: 11°
Temperatura max: 25°
Probabilità prec.: molto bassa
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News 2016/17

Bellamonte is about to fly!

We are going to reach the top by a futuristic 10-seat cablecar.

The new Castelir-Fassane-Morea ski lift – that will be realized between May and November 2016 – will remove 8 pillars from the slopes and offer more comfort and safety for children and disabled people.

Both the environment and the panorama will immediately get better. The low-impact Sit Bellamonte 10-seat cablecar, that will be realized between 2016's spring and autumn, will be composed of three stations (bottom, halfway, upper) and will harmoniously meet its natural context. By replacing the two 4-seat chairlifts - Castelir-Fassane and Fassane-Morea – 13 pillars will be removed – from 28 to 15 – and every one, except for one, will be installed out of the ski slope.

The cablecar will meet the safety requirements of all skiers, in particular of children. Furthermore, the disabled people who come and ski in our ski area helped and supported by the skillful ski instructors of SportAbili Onlus association of Predazzo can ski much more easily. All over Italy people know Bellamonte also thanks to the sensible welcome we address to athletes with disabilities, as we support the association by organizing ski lessons and summer and winter activities for them.

The large 10-seat cabins can also carry the sledges. Our "Fraina" sledge slope was opened in 2014 and will be lengthened by 300 metres to get it closer to Fassane halfway station. In total, users can cover 2.1 km on their sledge.
This cablecar is perfect for the summertime too, when families come and play in the amusement park "Tour of Wings" with its bodies of water, bridges and rafts, and in the educational path "Frainus", where you come to know the habits of local birds.
The new cablecar is also safe for old people and can carry strollers, bikes and dogs. It connects Castelir (at 1550 mt. asl.) to Morea (at 1970 mt. asl.) by covering a 420-metre altitude gap.

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