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Family Ski Resort Alpe Lusia

"La Tana degli Gnomi" crèche - Kinderheim in Bellamonte

The Kinderheim or crèche offers varied and fun activities everyday to entertain the children: creative workshops, games, cooking activities, make-up sessions, woodland stories, lessons on gnomes and the mountain, activities related to the 

seasonal events on the calendar and holidays. The “Den” programme, detailing each day's activities, is available weekly and offers a range of activities.The position of the “Gnomes' Den”,  right next to the ski lifts makes access really easy. More info >>


Lusialand in Valbona - Moena

The snow playground, located next to the Chalet Valbona, can be reached by ski from Ronchi near Moena. While the parents are skiing, children can have fun and play in the snow followed by our specialized personnel. An indoor playroom, warm and cozy, will host the children for lunch. To spend moments of pure joy with our animation offering a full program of games and activities. More info >>


First steps on the skis

Our parks include areas dedicated to small apprentices skiers equipped with moving walkway and special equipment. It will be a pleasure for parents to observe their children down the throat with skiing, playing while learning.

In a gentle slope, at the very start of the ski Bellamonte, we set up a Ski Park for the little ones in which to begin to learn how to ski safely. It's "Laricino" park where a moving walkway, funny obstacle courses and nice equipment will turn the first approach to skiing into a fantastic experience!

Also "Lusialand" park offers a lively area set up specifically for the baby skiers. In addition, ski schools offer a program that combines ski lessons and assistance to the playground for a holiday full of sports and entertainment (available directly at the ski schools).


A mountain of activities and events

Our dedicated program will brighten your days for an active holiday full of adventure and fun! The activities take place from 14.00 onwards and are included in the price of admission. Even holidays turn into a moment of joy for all the children who come to visit us. We will find a Santa Claus with his gifts, the Befana with skis on her feet, not to mention the Easter egg hunt. There will be big surprises and little gifts for anyone who comes to visit us!


A mini-menu at the Chalet Valbona

At Chalet Valbona younger guests are treated with special care. Our menu that varies from day to day is designed exclusively for children providing mini portions and a selection of tasty dishes they like. A special allows children who join the daily assistance service to pass a leisurely lunch in the company, leaving the other customers in the restaurant in a quiet atmosphere.

Even baby Guests are welcomed with care at our restaurant. For them we provide high chairs, bibs, microwave to heat the dishes and, on request, with pleasure prepare their meals (pasta, soup or broth).

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